Have your clients ever visited Niagara or Victoria Falls?  "Poor Niagara" is what the former US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt is said to have exclaimed upon visiting our Iguaçu Falls, which for most of us is certain to be a life-changing experience. The raw power of Mother Nature is astonishing with a span of 275 waterfalls, considered by many the most momentous in the world. It is impossible not to be moved by the thunderous sound of the cascades in a verdant surrounding rainforest, all composing this majestic and breathtaking canvas. The National Park, where the falls are located, borders Brazil and Argentina, offering different angles to its entire grandeur and splendor. 


We create exclusive memories.

    • Fly over the Falls in a private helicopter and see all its majesty, a breathtaking experience.
    • Get the real forest experience by being a guest in a Guarani ceremony. Immerse yourself in their traditions in the middle of the Atlantic forest.
    • Enjoy a delicious lunch in a private area with privileged location nearby the majestic Falls.

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