Looking for a destination to unwind and kick back? Trancoso is our suggestion. This is the perfect escape from the hectic pace and smoke of big cities and ideal for days of just lazing around on balmy white sandy beaches surrounded by verdant coconut trees. Feel the salty gentle breeze at Praia dos Coqueiros, where natural warm water pools form during the low tide. Then, after a dazzling and colorful sunset, it´s time for a stroll around the charming Quadrado - a small rustic town square with a slew of fine restaurants, boutiques and art galleries.


We create exclusive memories.

  • Boost your contact with the surrounding nature while kayaking in tranquil waters of a river which will lead you to the beach;
  • Take a scenic horseback riding through Trancoso’s beach and finish the day with a delicious picnic;
  • Enjoy the sun sailing in a private speedboat through Trancoso coast, with a delicious lunch in a charming restaurant of a paradisiacal beach.

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