Mysticism and nature unite forces to create a place quite like no other that can be found on Earth. The Amazon, home to still many indigenous tribes, represents over half of the planet's remaining rainforest and boasts its greatest biodiversity. Visiting the Amazon is definitely a remarkable and one and only experience! With premium jungle lodges, private yachts and authentic Amazonian boats, guests can enjoy vivid contact with the surrounding nature, without having to compromise on luxury. Trekking with a biologist, canoeing through the flooded forest and swimming with friendly pink dolphins, Amazon has the raw power to impress even the most experienced and intrepid of travelers.


We create exclusive memories.

    • Fly over one of the largest fluvial archipelagoes of the world on board of a private hydroplane.
    • Discover the Amazonian natural wonder on board of a private luxury yacht with a local chef and get involved in a traditional folkloric festival.
    • Learn survival techniques and sleep in a camp set up in the Amazon Forest.

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