Salvador, the colonial capital of Brazil, pulsates to a vibrant energy we recommend soaking up while you walk through the picturesque Pelourinho cobble stoned streets. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this charming neighborhood abounds with colorful colonial era villas, as well as not to be missed iconic Brazilian Baroque churches, one of them elaborately decorated with exuberantly carved gold leafed woodwork.   

Being the stronghold of African-Brazilian culture, this fascinating heritage permeates Salvador, whether in the powerful music and thumping beats of Olodum performed on the streets, or the Baianas in their traditional flowing white frilled dresses preparing the local street food specialty “acarajé”. Passion Collection is willing to take your clients to discover more about this northeast bliss. 


We create exclusive memories.

    • Get involved in the unique culinary of Bahia, preparing a local dish with a Bahian chef.

    • Learn capoeira, a martial art and dance form, with a professional master.
    • Be part of the Afro-Brazilian culture, discovering the music, dance and the deities of Candomblé, visiting their temple. 

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  • Fasano Salvador

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