This quaint and captivating village, just 290 km south of Rio de Janeiro, is set on the emerald green Costa Verde and considered one of the world’s most important examples of colonial architecture by UNESCO. To stroll through the cobblestoned streets in Paraty is to travel back in time, as the city is home to enduring colorful and beautiful colonial houses leftover from its early days as a staging post for the 18th century trade in Brazilian gold. Besides its superb and exquisite colonial architecture, Paraty also bounds lush green nature, diverse islands and pristine alluring beaches.

This charming town is the best combination of colonial treasures, untouched nature and beautiful beaches - a perfect destination to slow down and recharge your batteries.


We create exclusive memories.

  • Get lost in the charming streets of Paraty and learn local ceramic techniques;
  • Unveil the famous cachaça in the region's distilleries and treat your taste buds to a harmonized lunch in a restaurant surrounded by nature;
  • Enjoy a city break navigating aboard a sailboat, with a personal chef preparing mouth watering snacks.     

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