Annecy, lying on the northern tip of the namesake river and very close to the Swiss border, is the largest city in the Rhône-Alps region. 

Surrounded by lake, mountains, gorge and pristine vegetation, it's also called "Venice from the Alps": the old houses and narrow streets are divided by charming water canals connected by idyllic bridges and little passages. Mixing architecture, nature and history, the city was invaded by Sicilians, Savoians, Spanish, Austrians throughout the centuries and their influences are still everywhere.

Walking around its Old Town, among cafes, restaurants, galleries, the Rue St. Claire market and amazing Catholic churches is a huge pleasure. Lac d'Annecy, the third biggest lake in France, is also a true adventurer's paradise: you can bike, hike, boat or even paraglide over its dreamy landscapes.

Save some time to also visit Chateau de Menthon-Saint-Bernard, Chateau de Montrottier, Veyrier du Lac, Talloires, Gorge du Fier and Semnoz in the beautiful surrounds.