Vineyards clinging to the hills (dotted with memories of the Great War) or lazing on the banks of the river Marne. 

Picturesque villages full of art and so rich history that fits for kings. The most famous French terroir produces not only the unmistakable Champagne wine but also a truly sparkling spirit. Wine tourism is a must, specially around Reims and Épernay. There are 114 wineries and six official circuits on the Champagne tourist route. Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Bollinger, Louis Roederer, Taittinger, Pommery... they are all there.

By the end of summer you can even take your chances during the harvest! Some cellars, domains and vineyards are proudly UNESCO listed; and the wonderful Cathedral of Reims is still as astonishing as it used to be when hosting the coronation of the French Kings in other times.

The ancient city of Troyes has marvelous medieval architecture; Sedan and Ardennes are also unmissable cities to visit.