razil still retains some of the treasures from its Portuguese colonial past and you will be amazed by cobbled streets bordered by colourful colonial mansions, baroque churches filled with golden décor and the incredible histories hidden within every city visited.

2 Days in Salvador

The first Brazilian capital, Salvador is steeped in history. A stroll through the streets of Pelourinho is a unique experience, where you can truly feel the city´s energy.

Discover the old city with a historian with rich cultural experiences down every turn; discover the music, dance and the deities of Candomblé religion, part of the Afro- Brazilian history.

1 Day in Inhotim

For contemporary art lovers, Inhotim will be an amazing experience, strolling through gardens, lakes, trails and valleys, all decorated by sculptures on display in the open air.

Relax in a beautiful natural setting with a delicious picnic.

6 days in Minas Gerais

Surely all the richness of impressive buildings and streets  illustrate that Ouro Preto is a legacy from the relation of  men and gold, combined with Tiradentes, one of the most  well preserved historic cities in Brazil. At the end of the stay, let yourself be surprised by the exuberant landscapes of Ibitipoca.

Be driven back in time and walk through Mariana and the narrow streets of Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Sao Joao Del Rey, visiting gold-encrusted churches and end the day with a dinner whilst serenaded by a private violist; become a legitimate “Mineiro” learning how to cook the traditional “pão de queijo”. Relaxing moments take place on the trails and waterfalls amid the nature of Ibitipoca.

3 days in Rio de Janeiro

From nature to colonial sites, Rio de Janeiro will always enchant even the most experienced travellers.

Explore the same streets the Portuguese courtiers passed through in the nineteenth century and be amazed with the perfect conjugation between the old and new that downtown Rio preserves; meet local habitants and listen to their amazing stories about the rich culture of this unique city.

2 Days in Paraty

With colourful houses and cobbled streets that then became mini-canals due to the rising tide, Paraty is a picturesque city and a must-see.

Stroll through the historic city centre, where no cars are allowed, and see how the streets turn into water-mirrors of the colonial facades; hop into art galleries and chat with local artists.