The Northeastern region of Brazil is a natural gem and during fourteen days you will be invited to explore and be astonished by all the wonders preserved within this landscape. Be prepared to feel all the energy this adventure will assuredly provide!

1 day in São Luís

The only Brazilian city founded by the French, São Luis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that will enchant travelers with its gorgeous architecture and colorful traditions.

2 days in the Lençois Maranhenses

Barreirinhas is the opening gate to the Lençóis Maranhenses and its impressive white dunes doted by blue lagoons. Atins is a reserved fishing village, nestled between the Lençóis’ white dunes, the Preguiças River and the Atlantic Ocean’s coastline. It is surely a site of great tranquility, where life moves at an easy pace.

Fall in love with the Lençóis, but from a different perspective: from the skies! Fly over sand dunes and crystal clear lagoons or go on a quad bike tour through the beautifully textured sand dunes. Be ready to go horse riding or on an amazing off-road tour of the Atins lagoons in the middle of a desert.

2 days in the region of Delta do Parnaíba

Parnaíba is the starting point for a visit to the astonishing Parnaíba’s Delta, a natural sanctuary and a true paradise with around 80 archipelagos. Set on the coastline of Piauí, Barra Grande is an oasis in a unique ecosystem, where peace and serenity meet to create the perfect place to unwind.

Enjoy a refreshing river after exploring the Delta’s calm waters and hideaways; challenge yourself trying the kite surfing and other watersports.

2 days in Jericoacoara

With a natural atmosphere and in a beautiful location, this fishing village, once isolated by golden dunes, now offers an unspoilt landscape and a unique environment that will amaze even the most experienced traveler.

Leave for a journey exploring the blue lagoons by buggy and feel the adrenaline whilst travelling across and over huge golden sand dunes.