One of the best ways of knowing a country and getting immersed in its culture is through the taste buds! During this fifteen days tour, you will be embraced by a blend of new and unique flavours and fragrances, travelling around different regions, tasting typical Brazilian products, learning how to prepare regional dishes, and creating souvenirs that will last for a lifetime.

2 Days in São Paulo

São Paulo is a multicultural city where you can discover an incredible fusion of cultures and exotic dishes from all over the world.

Try innovative gastronomy at an amazing rooftop restaurant; taste fresh and local produce at a fabulous urban market; try the best authentic Japanese food in Brazil in the fascinating Asian area of Sao Paulo, and get pleasantly lost just walking around.

2 Days in Salvador

Salvador is the embodiment of multiculturalism, a perfect combination of great cuisine, engaging rhythm, a rich history and mix of African, Portuguese and indigenous influences.

Discover secret corners and meet the Bahian ladies in their white dress and prepare together an “acarajé”; cook with a local chef and share a delicious “moqueca” with your relatives or friends.

3 Days in Pantanal

Pantanal has an impressive biodiversity, with a rich wildlife and it hosts the world’s most extensive wetlands. Staying on a typical farm, connecting with nature and taking part in a food safari is a unique experience not to be missed!

Prepare yourself to be part of a gastronomic expedition with the “Pantaneiros”: visit a local market with the chef, cook delicious regional dishes, milk the cows to prepare “doce de leite”, enjoy horseback riding and collect wild fruits to prepare caipirinha.

3 Days in Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to the “Marvellous City” and learn not only about the local Brazilian natural beauty and culture, but also its gastronomic scene, encountering local ingredients and flavours.

Working closely with fishermen and local producers, discover a creative tasting menu; enjoy a cooking class in a Carioca’s house; taste street food and visit local markets to discover the best tropical produce.