Get to know and experience the natural beauty of Brazil; travel from waterfalls to untouched beaches, from tropical forests to Rio’s stunning mountains. During sixteen wonderful days, you will see all this marvelous country has to offer.

2 Days in Iguassu Falls

It is impossible to visit the Iguassu Falls’ grandiosity and not be made speechless! Passion Collection will combine the thrill of this astonishing natural environment with luxury and care.

Fly over one of the world’s largest waterfall or walk through native trails before immerging into the Iguassu Forest and immediately become a nature enthusiast!

3 Days in the Amazon Forest

Welcome to an eco-wonderland, an ecosystem of unrivalled size and diversity and be ready for an unbeatable adventure in this marvel of the natural world.

Explore the astonishing wildlife by staying in the middle of the jungle, live nocturnal adventures in search of animals and swim with dolphins. Immerse in the Amazonian culture by visiting the riverside houses or canoeing through river banks along the Rio Negro.

3 Days in Fernando de Noronha

Discover one of the most idyllic places on earth! Noronha is a magical archipelago and it is waiting for you to test its emerald green waters. Explore its rich marine ecosystems set within a spectacular tropical environment.

Relax on desert and untouched beaches, go on surfing classes, visit the region on a boat trip, hike through scenic landscapes or go diving with turtles, dolphins and sharks in a turquoise sea.

3 Days in Rio de Janeiro

World famous for its colorful landscapes and sparkling beaches, this fantastic city is Brazil’s top destination.

Experience a unique urban retreat in the heart of Santa Tereza, also called Rio’s Montmartre; be adventurous and explore the Tijuca Forest by jeep; relax with a yoga class by the Lagoon; capture the Marvelous City from a different angle, hiking the Morro da Urca and savoring the moment with a champagne toast on top.